About the EFP

LogoEFP_EnThe European Federalist Party is the only pan-European political party.

With chapters in 16 European states and more than 170 candidates for the European elections in 6 states, we are the only trans-European movement for a fairer and more democratic Europe! We bring together people accross borders and create a truly European debate.

We are a pro-European movement – but we are not uncritical. Europe is not perfect. But for us, this means that Europe needs to be improved and not removed. We do not run away from the problems of Europe. We look for solutions.

The European Federalist Party stands for United States of Europe with strong regions, more direct democracy on all political levels, direct elections of the most important political positions, safeguarding the European social model and better financial discipline.

Find out more about the EFP here: Flyer EFP May 2014 (PDF)

Read our complete programme here: EFP Programme (PDF)

Download the presentation of all our candidates here: EFP Candidates bios (PDF)

Why federalism?

Federalism is the solution to the crisis! Only federalism can provide a strong & democratic Europe and create growth and jobs for everyone! The European Federalist Party is the pan-European movement that brings together people from all over Europe. We are the voice of the people.

Read the EFP Manifesto HERE!

About the EFP

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