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About the candidates

PergantasPanagiotis Pergantas

Panagiotis is a biologist, married with four children. He is a PhD candidate in molecular biology, studying insecticide resistance in mosquitoes. In addition, he founded and is the General Director of Bioapplications Ltd., a company specializing in biology services R&D, field applications and environmental management. He is also a founding member and member of the central committee of political party Drassi in Greece. In May 2012 he was candidate for the Greek Parliament in Viotia prefecture.


SaltielAlfredo Saltiel

Born in 1985 in Athens, Greece, Alfredo majored in Business Management at the University of Surrey, UK. He mastered his skills and expertise in the Fashion Industry attending a Masters in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at the Institute of Polimoda in Florence, Italy. A fluent English speaker, Alfredo also speaks
modest Italian and adequate Spanish. He initiated his professional career at the early age of 15 as a continuous quest to explore the value of employment. He is the founder of a partnership aiming to promote Greek Organic Extra Olive Oil worldwide since 2012.


StamelosHarry Stamelos

Harry was born in 1977 in Athens (Greece) and grew up in Corinth. Harry is a teacher of English Legal Terminology in seminars for lawyers, a barrister in the Supreme Court of Athens and convinced federalist. He
holds a PhD in EU Law from Athens University. Harry is President of the European Federalist Party in Greece, Programme Manager in the Board of EFP, and a member of the Administrative Committee of Drassi (Greek Liberal political party, ALDE).



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Why federalism?

Federalism is the solution to the crisis! Only federalism can provide a strong & democratic Europe and create growth and jobs for everyone! The European Federalist Party is the pan-European movement that brings together people from all over Europe. We are the voice of the people.

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