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Portrait dunklerBengt Beier

Bengt has been at the forefront of the fight for a more democratic and accountable Europe for years, helped to realize the innovative European Citizens’ Initiative and was a founding member of several pro-democracy organizations, including Democracy International and the European Federalist Party. As coordinator for the campaign Europeans for Fair Roaming, he pushed through the latest reduction of mobile phone roaming charges across the EU and the establishment of an innovative market for roaming. As a researcher at the European Institute for European Law and Policy, he was able to get detailed insight into policy-making at the European level and organized several high-level conferences with scientists and politicians.


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Why federalism?

Federalism is the solution to the crisis! Only federalism can provide a strong & democratic Europe and create growth and jobs for everyone! The European Federalist Party is the pan-European movement that brings together people from all over Europe. We are the voice of the people.

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